View From the Castle Patio

An Almost Free Week in Ireland

A lot of people don’t realize it but racking up miles and points is actually the easiest part of traveling hacking.  I’ve probably earned 2-3 million points over the past five years through credit card sign-up bonuses but spending all those points is a completely different story.  This is pretty counter-intuitive to real life since it’s always easier to spend cash than it is to accumulate it.

But if you’re in this hobby for the love of traveling, you will discover that there is no shortage of great destinations you can travel to for next to nothing.  Problems arise though when you try to use miles/points to get to a specific destination during a specific time of the year.

It helps if you can travel off-peak but flexibility really is the name of the game.  And if you’re open to the experience, that is when you can really start to benefit from traveling with miles and points. (more…)

Touring Fenway Park

Our First Time In Boston

It seems like when most people travel these days it’s to far away places and destinations.  With the onslaught of Facebook statuses and Instagram posts, it’s pretty easy to get sucked into the one upsmanship of bigger and better when it comes to travel.

I’m not saying that I’m any better, but sometimes we forget that there are some great travel destinations right here in the good ol’ US of A.  Boston isn’t necessarily an overlooked travel destination by any means for most people, but it is a place that my wife and I have both never had the pleasure of visiting.  In fact, the whole east coast is a little bit lacking on my list of places I’ve traveled to.

But the motivation for this trip came from the fact that my wife’s best friend and one of my very good friends both live in Boston (they also happen to be married) now and since they’re only going to be living there for two years, we thought it would be a great opportunity to visit and see a new city.

Many of you already know that I’m a huge enthusiast of traveling for free via miles and points so this trip was no different.  It also helps out a lot when you have friends that you can stay with in the city you plan on visiting.  We ended up staying 4 nights with our friends on an air mattress in their living room and they were very gracious hosts.

I’m usually comfortable crashing with friends for a night or two but 3-4nights is pushing it.  Luckily, these are two of our very best friends so I didn’t feel too bad.

So moral of the story is: try to stay with friends to cut the cost of your trip in half. (more…)