August Information Round-Up

august move

Spent most of August Moving ­čÖé

I spent most of my August getting ready for our move, moving and then settling in. ┬áIt was a lot of work but we have a great new place in Belmont Heights in Long Beach now that is just a few blocks from the beach and close to a ton of restaurants, shops and cafes. ┬áI’ve challenged myself to eat at 100 restaurants in 100 days so stay tuned for the results.

Here’s a list of everything I’ve watched, read and listened to over the past month. ┬áI tend to go through phases when it comes to reading and I actually just got a bunch of good book recommendations from one of Tim Ferriss’ podcasts and checked them out from the local e-libraries for Kindle so I should have lots of good book recommendations over the next few months. Continue reading “August Information Round-Up”

March-July Information Round-up

This is the first of what I hope to be a monthly series where I round-up all of the top information I’ve consumed over the past month. ┬áInformation is comes in all forms, mediums and sizes and like any good millennial, I’m a big fan of videos, podcasts and articles so that’s what I plan on sharing.

Now this month’s round-up dates all the way back to March because that’s when I first got the idea for this site, but I had nowhere to publish it all. ┬áSo excuse the┬ástuff from March but most of it is evergreen anyways.

Continue reading “March-July Information Round-up”