50 Restaurants in 50 Days in Long Beach, California

A few years ago when we moved to Newport Beach, I challenged myself to see how long I could go without eating at the same restaurant twice.  At the time, I was working a day job, so that really only left dinner and weekends to try new places.  But I ended up trying 3 months worth of new places before I finally succumbed to my second go around at El Pollo Loco for a Chicken Tostada (of Forbes infamy).

It was a fun experience though and it really made me try a lot of restaurants that I would have not considered otherwise.  I do have a soft spot for El Pollo Loco but almost every other place I tried was not a nationwide chain.

When we moved to Long Beach a few months ago, I wanted to do the same thing but on a bigger scale.  So I decided to challenge myself to try 100 restaurants in 100 days.  So far, I’m off to a good start and I’m on pace to hit my goal, but it’s definitely going to take some hard work to get there.

Update (12/1/15): Didn’t quite make it to 100 but I think this review should suffice 🙂

I’ve already discovered a ton of great new places from Thai Pizza to Short Rib Poutine and I thought it’d be fun to share what I’ve accomplished so far.  For each restaurant, you’ll find a link to their Yelp profile (if you don’t trust my review), category of food, my rating, what I ordered, a short review and a one-liner.

If you’d like to filter through all 50 of these restaurants, by category, rating, etc, please go here to use my 50 Restaurants in 50 Days LBC Spreadsheet. Continue reading “50 Restaurants in 50 Days in Long Beach, California”